Top 5 Metrical Advantages

A powerful new weapon in the fight against cart abandonment.

The Metrical CART™ solution doesn’t replace existing post-abandonment solutions—it adds jaw-dropping new capabilities.

Top advantages include:

Predictive. Metrical’s CART™ uses behavioral modeling and machine learning to understand what a consumer is going to do before they actually do it.

Proactive. Metrical is the first proven solution that uses abandonment analytics to intelligently engage consumers before they abandon their carts.

Fast and automated. CART™ learns quickly and instantly reacts to individual shopper behaviors, providing an offer instantly rather than waiting until after they abandon.

Flexible pricing. Metrical offers a “pay per performance” or subscription models to meet your specific needs. 

Self-service. CART™ will evolve to require no human intervention, making it more affordable and easier to use than post-abandonment solutions.