Case Studies

Predict and Prevent Online Cart Abandonment

A cart is a terrible thing to waste.

Online retailers need a better way to deal with cart abandonment.

Abandonment rates rising

Current average: 75.6%

Lost revenue: $4.6 trillion globally

Current solutions limited

Focus on post-abandonment, not prevention

Poor results from generic retargeting and email reminders

Level of urgency growing

Online sales will double in the next 3 years

Brick-and-mortar stores closing as digital grows

Amazon threat increasing

Last year Amazon captured nearly 50% of all online spending in the US, accounting for 5% of total retail spending

Investing in digital solutions lets you keep your customers

A smarter solution is at hand.

Introducing Cart Abandonment Reduction Technology (CART™) from Metrical

We’ve created a whole new category of predictive cart abandonment solutions!

Don’t just respond. Predict and prevent.

CART™ uses predictive modeling and machine learning to determine when a shopper is about to abandon a cart. So you can take action before they leave.

Engage the shopper immediately.

You can extend targeted and personalized offers instantly to prevent cart abandonment.

Add value to current solutions.

The CART™ solution does not replace current post-abandonment solutions—it complements them—giving you a powerful new weapon for fighting cart abandonment.

What can the Metrical CART™ solution do for you?

  • Improve your overall customer experience.
  • Increase brand loyalty and repeat visits to your website.
  • Improve the relevance of targeted offers to your consumers.
  • Increase your top-line revenues!

Small investment, huge results.

Metrical users can expect a 3-15% increase in checkouts. This translates to a huge increase in revenue because a mere 1% reduction in cart abandonment can increase revenue by up to 10%.

Do the math.

If you have a 90% cart abandonment rate, your revenue comes from the 10% of customers who don’t abandon their carts—they convert. Therefore a 1% reduction in cart abandonment, from 90% to 89%, can increase your revenue by 10%!