Mission: No Cart Left Behind

The founders of Metrical weren’t out to change the landscape of online commerce. They just wanted to increase conversion rates for retailers by stopping the waste and inefficiency of cart abandonment. And they saw a better way to deal with the issue—a way that harnessed data to predict rather than simply respond to cart abandonment.

At their core, the founders of Metrical are thought leaders who believe in the power of data. More specifically, they believe in transforming the wealth of data retailers have at their disposal into better experiences for customers, increased customer loyalty, more return visits, and higher profits.

They saw an opportunity to add predictive analytics to current cart abandonment techniques, and thereby create a powerful new weapon for reducing abandonment rates.

It turns out that by doing so, Metrical is in fact reshaping the future of online commerce. Because today, for the first time, retailers of all types and sizes can predict cart abandonment and take action before it impacts customer satisfaction and bottom-line revenues. That translates to a multi-million-dollar impact on the retail industry. That’s huge. And that’s why the momentum is building behind the Metrical CART™ solution.