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Why Metrical?

Companies use Metrical to understand who their customers are and what they want.

Metrical Dashboard

Benefits of Metrical

Who's Using Metrical

"Metrical is simply the best research solution my agency has used. Within days we had insights for our client about who's visiting their site and what kind of information they need. Metrical is a key part of our user research and the clean execution and speed of results keeps all of our strategic projects focused on the end-user. It's now our go-to research solution." Jen Modarelli, Principal @ modXdigital
"The information we uncovered with Metrical was the 'unlock' for the entire customer go-to-market strategy. Having information that is this impactful is invaluable in terms of guiding a strategy with quantifiable data" Jill Wieczorek, Strategic Planner @ Noble Studios
"The beauty of the Metrical data was that it clearly showed us where to focus and how much to concentrate in that area." Alo Mukerjiee, VP of Product Strategy @ Buildium
"Metrical not only offers solid technology with a smart user engagement model but also brings serious expertise to maximize the impact of a research project. The process was incredibly smooth and working with the team was great. I'd recommend Metrical in a heartbeat." Brian West, CEO @ Active Ingredients