Why Does Everyone Love Shopify?

The other day I was on a discovery call with a prospect who runs a pretty niche e-commerce company and things were going pretty well. I felt I had smoothly settled into my “sales guy” persona and was doing a fantastic job—if I do say so myself—of eloquently describing how our product worked and how it related to her site’s cart abandonment problem.

Then out of left field she puts a hard stop on our discussion to go into a lengthy, and I mean lengthy, rant about her dissatisfaction with her current e-commerce platform. After about four minutes of her listing off the different issues and me wondering how I had lost control of this call so quickly, she asked me, “So what platform would you suggest?” 

All eloquence gone, I responded, “uhhh… I don’t know. I’ve never worked for an e-commerce store, but a lot of our clients use Shopify though.”

“Why does everyone and their dog keep bringing up Shopify? What’s so special about them?” (direct quote).

And just like that, I was no longer on a discovery call with a prospect, but joining with this woman in search of answers for why everyone loves Shopify so much. A few Google and Quora searches later, here’s what we found:


Shopify is really easy to use

In a great article by Bold Commerce, David Stober, CEO of Guided, explains that they "switched from Magento to Shopify Plus in 2014. We made the decision simply to take more control over our eCommerce and consequently our future”.

“We are tech savvy folks who know what we want - we cover about 60% of what we need to get done and now use other 'experts' for the remaining 40%. With Magento it was 20% us and 80% outsource.  We couldn't be happier.”


Great customer service

Shopify offers 24/7 customer service via email, online chat, and more importantly, by phone. Being able to talk to a human being when you have a problem with your online store is a reassuring feeling. It makes you feel warm and safe at night. Fast becoming a novelty across all industries, good customer support keeps clients from jumping ship to the newest, shiniest thing. That customer loyalty translates to retained revenue.


Built In Cart abandonment E-mail Reminders

Shopify offers a cart abandonment recovery system that allows store owners to send out email follow ups to shoppers who abandoned at the point of check out. These emails have customized links that lead the shopper right back to their cart with all those items they added ready and waiting to be purchased. And as is the theme of these blogs, cart abandonment is a huge problem and e-commerce stores need to take action everywhere they can to reduce the large numbers of indecisive shoppers.


A large app store

Shopify makes it easy for developers to bring new technologies to their platform, and easier still for e-commerce store owners to implement those technologies. Third party developers, like yours truly, can provide products focused on different pain points that store owners face.

For example, our predictive AI, pre-cart abandonment solution focuses are engaging customers at the point of abandonment by providing them offers to entice them to purchase before they abandon. Sounds nice right? Well, if you use Shopify then implementation is simple and inexpensive because Shopify makes it easy for store owners to customize the tools they use.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement for Shopify and our company’s products integrate quite well with all major e-commerce platforms.

So there you have it. It’s a model that has worked well for Shopify over the past decade and allowed them to now support over 600,000 active stores that combine to bring in $63 billion in online revenue.

I don’t know if my once upon a time prospect turned research partner will switch to Shopify, but there are a lot of enticing reasons to consider doing so. And if she does, then you’re welcome Shopify! 

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