Artificial intelligence.
Real money.

Convert more shoppers into buyers before they leave your site.

"We've seen a huge jump in our conversion rate and revenue since we implemented Metrical's solution. I never expected our revenue to increase by over 30%!"

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How It Works

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicts when shoppers are going to leave 
and engages them in real-time to convert them into buyers.

Brings data to life

Metrical CART™ gathers customer shopping data, including click-stream, product, cart data, page visits, time-on-site, time-on-page, and even mouse movements. The data—only that which you choose to share—is fed to a real-time dashboard that visually illustrates leaks in your purchase funnel, abandonment trends and which products are abandoned the most and most often.

Creates behavioral models

Metrical CART™ applies analytics to your customers’ shopping data to create a behavioral model, segmenting customers into purchasers and cart abandoners. All relevant behaviors and metrics are then analyzed to root out what’s causing high abandonment rates.

Takes immediate action

Metrical CART™ lets you prevent abandonment by targeting offers, discounts, live-chat to shoppers on your site before they abandon. With generic solutions you give away margin by serving pop-ups to everyone leaving your site based on primitive exit-intent mouse movements. With Metrical you target only those customers our behavioral intelligence model identifies as abandoning your site.

Provides proof that it works

CART™ creates control groups to show how Metrical’s solution generates new revenue.

Flexible Pricing to Meet a Range of Requirements

No two online stores are the same. Everyone has different volume, margins, and marketing approaches. At Metrical, we will work with each client to find a pricing solution that works best for everyone.