Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems in online retail. Abandonment rates average 70% across the industry, with some companies experiencing rates over 90%! Last year, $1.2T was lost in potential sales due to abandoned carts in the US alone.

Metrical addresses this problem by combining behavioral modeling with machine learning to identify who’s going to leave an e-commerce site before they abandon their cart. We give retailers the opportunity to engage abandoning prospects with real-time, targeted promotions—on desktop, tablet and mobile—that convert shoppers into buyers!

How it Works


Metrical collects data and builds a behavioral model of shoppers on your e-commerce sites. We use this data to predict the behavior of future shoppers allowing us to identify when and why people abandon their carts.


Through machine learning, Metrical lets you target which customers to engage with promotions based on their abandonment likelihood. You can also target by product, category or even inventory. Furthermore, our promotion optimization engine recommends to you only the most effective promotions. You are in full control of all your promotions!


Our dashboards are customizable, intuitive and real-time, and allow you to monitor who your abandoners are, which promotions they see and when they complete their purchase. Every day, you can see how abandoning shoppers are saved and converted into paying customers.


Our solution integrates with all e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.


For each point in cart abandonment reduction, revenues increase from 4% to 10%!

“We’ve looked at a lot of solutions to reduce cart abandonment. Metrical is second to none!” – Amir Shafi, CIO, Monster Products


At our core we are CX thought leaders who believe in the power of data. We are a team of digital and e-commerce executives that have been changing the landscape of online retail since the first dot-com boom.

Executive Team

Aurangzeb Agha – Founder and CEO

Rameet Kohli – Founder and Head of Business Development

Kent Anderson – Strategic Adviser (Former President of Macys.com)



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